Type of intervention

Multimedia Installations

Multimedia Installations


The Simmetrico s.r.l. events agency of Milan involved us in the creation of multimedia installations for the Astana exhibition pavilion, in Kazakhstan. Their project aimed to the implementation of two floors of the Main Pavilion structure.
In such spaces videowalls, video projections, led lighting and audio systems have been installed.


Exhibition Pavilion

Astana, Kazakhistan – 2017



Our company, in collaboration with the Black s.r.l., dealt with the design of the multimedia systems, including special optical fiber cables to manage the audio/video signals and the lights. Besides the design, our technical team worked on the spot for a period of about six months installing more than 200 monitors for videowalls, a 100 sqm led floor screen, more than ten video projectors, several audio systems and more than 200 led lights.